Ananda Marga Yoga Posture

Since the first practice of yoga asanas by Indian monks from the Himalayas thousands of years ago, yoga has become widespread. Its practice and study have also developed through the years that each yoga center adopts its own style and focus of innercise. Ananda Marga especially focuses on the opening of all chakras of an individual. These chakra refer to different glands in our body which are all responsible for releasing hormones and energy for physical balance and mental stability.


The following is a list of some Ananda Marga yoga pose:

  1. Shoulder Stand Posture (Sarvangasana)
  2. Boat Posture                      (Paripurna Navasana)
  3. Bow  Posture                     (Dhanurasana)
  4. Spinal Twist Posture       (Matsyendrasana)
  5. Brave / Hero Posture     (Virasana)
  6. Wheel Posture                  (Cakrasana)
  7. Simple Chair Posture      (Sahaja Utkatasana)
  8. Balance Posture                (Tuladandasana) or Balancing Stick Pose
  9. Lightning Posture             (Vajrasana) also known as Thunderbolt,
  10. Accomplished Posture   (Siddhasana / Muktasana)
  11. Bound Lotus Posture      (Baddha Padinasana)
  12. Cock Posture                     (Kukkutasana)
  13. Cow’s Head Posture       (Gomukhasana)
  14. Difficult Back Upwards Posture (Utkata Pashchimotasana)
  15. Fish Posture                       (Matsayamudra / Matsayasana)
  16. Locust Posture                  (Salabhasana)
  17. Bellows Posture                (Bhastrikasana)
  18. Plough/Plow Posture     (Halasana)
  19. Peacock Posture              (Mayurasana)
  20. Shiva                                     (Shivasana)
  21. Snake/Cobra Posture     (Bhujaungasana)
  22. Hare Posture                     (Shashankasana)
  23. Head-to-Knee Posture  (Janushirasana)
  24. Long Bowing Posture     (Diirgha Pranamasana)
  25. Yoga Seal Posture           (Yogamudrasana)
  26. Tortoise Posture              (Kurmasana)
  27. Camel Posture                   (Ustrasana)
  28. Energy Posture                 (Tejasana)
  29. Frog Pose Posture           (Mandukasana)
  30. Action / Second Down Posture  (Karmasana)
  31. Lotus Posture                                    (Padmasana)
  32. Difficult Chair Posture                    (Jatila Utkatasana)
  33. Arm and Leg Posture                      (Padahastasana) or Standing Forward Bend
  34. Bird/Eagle Posture                          (Garudasana)
  35. Ideation Posture                              (Bhavasana)
  36. Knot-Loosening Posture              (Granthimuktasana)
  37. Knowledge Posture                        (Jinanasana)
  38. Corpse Posture                                 (Shavasana)

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